SineQuaNon Wellness

Hello, my name is Elisa, a professional holistic aromatherapist and a pilates instructor originally from Hong Kong. Combining the knowledge from these two disciplines results in a wholesome approach to wellbeing for the physical body and the mind.


Tired bodies, pregnant bodies and stagnated bodies that require lymphatic drainage will also find their relief from my massage therapies that incorporate essential oils to maximise the benefits from the physical touch and aromatherapy.


Besides pilates that help gaining a bigger range of motion, better posture and strength, pre-natal pilates helps the body to be ready for the birth while post-natal pilates helps with recovery from the birth. For bodies that suffer from diastasis recti condition (splitting of the abdominal muscles) and stubborn muscles tightness that need deeper work, contemporary cupping therapy and fascial release work can be improved through a series of movement that work with fascia (connective tissue) and acupuncture points.


In addition, pelvic floor health is a subject that doesn’t get enough attention, to understand the ideal condition is not all about being tight is a concept that needs to be known by many. Through working with releasing the fascial tension and gentle movement, a healthier pelvic floor will be maintained.