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Hi, my name is Tess. I started as a beautician and gained my experience there. I noticed that I wanted more, to discover more. I soon felt a love for massages. I felt this is magical, I really want to specialize in this. I started to specialize in Shiatsu and connective tissue massage.

I became acquainted with the oriental view and could really appreciate and agree with its vision. I believe in holism (everything is 1 whole) and I think it is fantastic to discover how the body interconnects and indicate how we are really doing.

I gained experience with the connective tissue massage and soon discovered that more happened than just massaging the connective tissue. I noticed that a lot came loose during and after the massage and the client could really let go.


That's how I started LunaFlow. Luna (the moon) unconsciously has a lot of influence on us. The moon influences the water balance on earth, so it has unconsciously too

effect on our body and emotions.


Flow is a beautiful state of being; when you are in the right flow everything seems to cooperate. I like to convey this in my massages. I like to work from flow and help my customers get back into flow.


I help my customers to become aware of (emotional) blockages and waste products in the deeper layers (the connective tissue and muscle tissue). let energy (chi) flow again through the entire body.

The treatments I offer at LunaFlow:

  • Bodyflow

  • Connective tissue massage body

  • Deep tissue Body

  • Connective tissue massage face

  • Glow & Flow

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