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Workshop - qi gong

Qi flows through the meridians of the body, just like water flows through the rivers. If a blockage occurs in one of these meridians, body rivers, the qi flow can stagnate and the body can become unbalanced, get sick. Just like acupuncture, herbal medicine and Tuina massage, Qi Gong is one of the therapy forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The purpose of the TCM is to solve block quays in the body so that qi can flow freely through the body again. By practicing Qi Gong you clear the blockages and open the meridians in the body, so that all body parts can communicate freely with each other, and the body comes back into balance. Everything in the universe is constantly in motion and follows the principles of nature

With Qi Gong you learn to work with your emotions, making it a positive effect

has on your health. Qi Gong cannot cure all diseases, but it can

contribute to health.

What is qi gong?

'Qi' is life energy. Gong is art and skill.

Qi Gong is 'controlling and working with your life energy'.

Exercising the mind and life energy

By combining specific movement patterns, breathing techniques and visualizations, Qi Gong brings body and mind back into balance.

This has a positive effect on health, both preventively and curatively.

One develops a keen awareness of one's own physical, mental and spiritual functioning.

What is qi gong good for?

• Body, muscles, bones, tendons and immune system.

• Increases resistance, both mentally and physically.

• Slows down the aging process.

• Stimulates the body's metabolism.

• Soothes or improves complaints such as: rheumatic diseases, heart complaints, stomach complaints, stress, depression, correct absorption from food, reduces pain or makes it disappear, etc.

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