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Practice RiverFlow

In 2017, the RiverFlow practice was set up by Nathalie Meijer and Ingrid de Bruyn.

Practice RiverFlow is a practice where several therapists with different disciplines in the field of massage , coaching, yoga and qi gong work together by paying attention to the physical body, health and expansion of the mind.

Ingrid de Bruyn

A long cherished dream became a reality. Starting a practice with my daughter.

During my pregnancy, with my daughter Nathalie, I was in the second year of my training as a psychiatric nurse. In that period I became acquainted with Chinese healing methods and Shiatsu. I wanted to follow this training, but I also realized that my studies and the birth of my daughter might be too much.

Over the years I followed different education, courses, and each time the Chinese healing methods appeared in them. How nice it is to be able to practice together with my daughter the love for the profession, the massage and the Chinese medicine in our own practice years later.

The start of the dream started in 2007. Together we started the 3-year training to become a Shiatsu Therapist. Also an introduction to Chinese medicine.

Together with other professional therapists, with a love for the profession, we try to bring the people who come for treatment back into balance and to let them come into contact with their body. And together we work on the best possible result and, if necessary, we refer people.

Nathalie Meijer

My love for massage stems from my Indian background. My ancestors from Indonesia were (herbal) healers. From childhood I got to know pijat or massage.

In 2011 I obtained my Shiatsu diploma in combination with the Medical Basic Knowledge course. I immediately started massaging at a number of different massage practices. I have been professionally engaged in massaging for a total of 10 years now. Over the years I have developed myself even more by following various training courses, courses and workshops.

I have applied all of this in practice and thereby helped develop my own style. My dream has always been to open my own practice and I am very grateful that I made that dream a reality together with my mother!

In 2017 we opened the RiverFlow practice. We share this beautiful dream with regular therapists who also have their own practice within our practice. The great thing about this is that we can work together and offer our clients the very best in relaxation, mental and physical health.

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